2020 Visions Comic

2020 Visions Comic

Alternate name:
2020 Visions (1997)



Jamie Delano

DC Comics - Graphic Novels - Vertigo


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2020 Visions was a twelve-issue limited series published by DC Comics' Vertigo imprint and a creator-owned property belonging to Jamie Delano. The series was divided into four parts, while all of it was written by Jamie, each set of three issue was drawn by a different artist: Frank Quitely (#1-3), Warren Pleece (#4-6), James Romberger (#7-9) and Steve Pugh (#10-12). All four artists had previously published under Vertigo and Steve had worked with Jamie on his Animal Man run that brought the title into the Vertigo fold. Each of the stories focus on a different character in a different location. While it isn't explicitly revealed early on in the series, throughout the progression of the series it becomes clear that all four protagonists are related to one another, although none of them know about the lives the others currently lead and have not seen one another in years, if at all. Alex (#1-3) is the father of Jack (#4-6) and Ethan (#7-9) and Adam (#10-12) are Jack's twin sons. The locations the stories take place in are New York City, Miami, Detroit/Midwest, California/Nevada. As the latter two stories deal with the protagonist's traveling, they aren't confined to a single city. Collected by Speakeasy in 2020 Visions, although the collected version is not colored while the serialized form is. The title is a play on the phrase "20/20 vision" which refers to normal, average, or perhaps to some "perfect" eye sight in humans. The visions seen of the year 2020 in this series however are not of the good variety and paint a dystopian future where most men are infertile, society is even further segregated and plagues run rampant.

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