Accelerate Comic

Accelerate Comic

Alternate name:
Accelerate 2000



Richard Kadrey

DC Comics - Cyborgs - Graphic Novels - Mature - Mecha - Robots - Vertigo


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What is life like when you were never supposed to be born but society lets you live anyway, registered a loser while still in the womb? Your life is terminal low-res, the cheap chrome peeling off a stolen Saturday Night Special. And since you'll never be "normal," you and your only friends, other Vodka-Plus-swilling, Sky Saw-sniffing losers like yourself, are so rejected that you're not even considered human but Da Jui: "hungry ghosts." Moving through the neon-wrapped, scorching-hot wasteland that is future L.A., you hunt for the great escape, the drug known as Accelerate, and the secret that lies beyond it. A 4-issue white-knuckle ride from VERTIGO, ACCELERATE is written by science-fiction novelist Richard Kadrey (Metrophage, Wired Magazine) with art and covers by the Pander Bros. (XXX, Grendel: Black, White & Red). In the world of ACCELERATE, the unwanted group together in loosely organized gangs (because no one wants to be caught alone doing crimes) of ultra-high IQ info-fetishists. And if you're one of the very smart, the very crazy or the very lucky, you just might get to the top of the food chain: the Flash Tribes. ACCELERATE tells the story of one of these Flash Tribe wannabes: Marne, a girl who's lost the love of her life to the stone-killer cops in the DMZ. Totally ignored by her worker-drone, space-junk- addicted parents, Marne seeks refuge in a company of misfits: Bones, as hard-hitting as you can be when you're born with no arms; Pirate Jenny, a ultra-hardcore net-sex dancer; and Mint Maguro, a fresh-faced kid with silicon-chipped teeth and refried carnitas for brains. Marne's quest for Accelerate begins on the anniversary of her boyfriend's murder when she receives a fax ? from his corpse. Marne spends the next 48 hours ripping through neo-L.A., from scaling underground tunnels and breaking into gated utopian communities, to operating giant robotic suits and playing hardball with the High Priests of the Digital Age. It's all part of her frantic, white-knuckle effort to gain access to the Flash Tribe and locate her boyfriend...or what's left of him.

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