Dale Evans Comics Comic

Dale Evans Comics Comic

Alternate name:
Dale Evans Comics 1948



Joe Millard

DC Comics - Action - Adventure - Sci-Fi - Western


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"The Case of the Terrified Tenderfoot" written by Joe Millard, penciled by Alex Toth and inked by Frank Giacoia."The Case of the Terrified Tenderfoot"Sierra Smith is in his office when Burton Ames bursts through the door. Ames claims he is being pursued by two sinister figures. Smith, though, sees no one in the corridor. Ames had been staying at the D. L. Dude Ranch. On a ride one day, he stumbled across a cache of strange green stones. As he bent over to pick one of the stones up, a gunshot rang out. Ames rode back to the ranch. Upon awakening the next morning, Ames saw a note, pinned to his headboard with a knife, strongly urging him to depart. Returning to the city, Ames noted that he was being followed, and came to Smith for aid. Suddenly, two gunsels enter the room. They are the very men Ames claims have been following him. Smith upturns his desk, and smashes it over the two gunmen. After leaving instructions for his secretary, Nan, Smith and Ames head out to the D.L. Dude Ranch.Smith meets Jenny Ring, the new owner of the D. L. Dude Ranch. A phone call to Nan confirms everything Smith already suspects. Smith sees the reflection of Ring in the bells of the telephone. Smith hurls the phone at Ring, de-wigging "her". Ring is revealed to be a man. Smith beats down Ring, but a glancing gunshot fells Smith. Ames and Smith are loaded into a truck and carried out to Pebble Canyon. The stones Ames discovered were chunks of uranium ore. Ring intends to smuggle the ore out of the country. Severing the rope around his wrists, Smith attacks, and quickly puts down Ring and his accomplices. Smith turns the operation over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The case closed, Smith takes Nan out to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. When the check comes, Smith suddenly realizes that he's lost his wallet, forcing Nan to pay the bill.